Vasilis Hatziemmanouil has continued in the tradition of making wine. A tradition that expands for more than three generations. His efforts ensure the production of high quality raw materials from his self-owned vineyards and in the production of exceptional wines at his own family winery.

In his effort he is not alone! His wife Joanna, raised in London with studies in Business & Finance helps in the running of the business. Vasili’s father Kostas stubbornly denies enjoying the benefits of his retirement and works daily in the vineyards. There is also valuable support from his wine specialist Yiannis Flerianos and technical assistance from Argyros Co.


For more than 80 years the family has conscientiously been involved in various wine techniques and in the cultivation of their vineyards.

It was in 1929 when Nikos the grandfather started producing his first wines from a small winery in Marmaroto, towards the northerly point of the island. He soon became well-known for the quality of his sweet wines made with traditional and almost pioneering methods.

Even when wine production slowly began to be abandoned in favor of the growing tourist industry, his son Kostas never hesitated in taking over the reins of the family business some years later. The year 2000 proved to be a huge turning point for the third generation and a time of major change.

Vasilis planted new Greek and International vines and also built a modern winery in Afousa, Asfendiou. The old cement tanks and cauldrons were replaced by stainless steel wine vessels and French oak barrels.

The traditional wine containers were replaced by labelled wine bottles from the estate where one can find throughout the island.

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