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The Hatziemmanouil winery stands at the entrance to the vineyards. Completed in 2004, it covers a total ground surface of 400 sq.meters comprising of 3 separate floor levels.

An essential part inhabits an array of wine vessels. The majority are cooling tanks ensuring that the wines are always kept at suitable controlled temperatures. All of the wines are stored separately depending on its type.



 A significant area in the winery is the cellar where its wooden barrels are located.

The heart of the winery beats here and it’s where the Syrah and Sweet wines age for up to twelve months.


With their arrival to the winery, the ripe grapes are separated from their stems and pressed in the wine presser. A mechanical device with a membrane component inflates and slowly applies pressure to the grapes releasing their juice.

For the grape variety Malagouzia a prozymotic stage often proceeds. In this instance the juice stays in contact with the crushed berries for approximately twelve hours at a low temperature and in an oxidized atmosphere. In this way a rapid flow of aromatic juices are extracted producing the most aromatic wines.

The must is led to the steel vessels for fermentation. Fermentation is maintained at temperatures of 14-16˚C and lasts for approximately 15-20 days. During this time the sweet exuberant taste of the must slowly lessens and is replaced by the characteristic taste of wine, whose aromatic fusions fill the surrounding air.


During the production of the red wines and after the arrival of the grapes to the winery, they are separated from their stems and are led to their specialized wine vessel. The must is fermented with the skin still in contact with the grape.

Before fermentation an initial stage takes place and prozymotic enhancement is carried out at low temperatures. At this stage mainly aroma and natural colours are extracted from the grapes, which gives the unique characteristics to the superb Rose wine produced on the estate.

After a duration of 4 days, the temperature is allowed to rise in the vats and alcoholic fermentation starts to occur. Temperatures are usually between 22-28˚C which serves the purpose of greater colour enhancement and tannins being released from the grapes and at the same time protecting and preserving the enriched aroma.

Fermentation usually lasts for one week. The fresh wine temporarily remains in contact with the skins for another week, especially for the Syrah The additional solid elements of the grape improve acidity and better conditions for aging. Likewise, unique organic characteristics will accentuate during this stage of aging in the oak barrels.

Directly above the basement cellar the reception area can be found.This area provides a serving bar where hundreds of visitors gather every year to sample the various wines. It’s stylish surroundings along with its good reputation for producing excellent wines is an attraction to both tourists and locals alike.


The winery accepts separate or organized visits, which started in 2004. While visiting the winery one can freely taste any of the wines of their choice and see first hand how the tradition of making wine is kept alive on the estate, or be allured into strolling around the vineyards. The winery can be found between Zipari and Linopoti, situated in Afousa, Asfendiou, the northerly side of the main road, 11 km from Kos town.

  • May – October : daily from 9am to 8pm
  • November – April : upon appointment.

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