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The vineyards are located in Asfendiou, at a mountain slope of 105 meters in a pebbly terrain with good irrigated soil. The first vines were planted in 1978 and in 1996 a second vineyard was created in another location of Asfendiou but with the same suitable earth characteristics.

Today the vines cover a mass area of 60 acres, where charismatic Greek and International grape varieties are cultivated. From the prestigious Malagouzia to the willful Assyrtiko, the robust Cabernet Sauvignon, the shyful Grenache Rouge and the spicy Syrah, all coexisting harmoniously.

The position and formation of the vineyards terrain along with its adopted style of cultivation, a combination of abundant sunshine owed to the Aegean Peninsula aura, ensures every year high quality produce reaching their height of ripeness and taste.

Of course, an important degree of this success is owed solely to the efforts of Vasilis Hatziemmanouil and his father Kostas. The two men together with their co-workers spend endless hours in the vines. From February when pruning starts to the all year round observation of the vines.



The earth is pebbly and well irrigated. A watering system is employed and plowing is done with a mechanical device or simply with the help of a shovel.


The harvest on the estate starts in the beginning of August until September. Systematically the grapes are selected by hand during the early hours of the morning. In this way, even if it is more costly there are important benefits to be gained.

The grapes are chosen directly from the vine and if the grapes are not in satisfactory condition they are not picked. Special attention is paid to ensure the grapes are not damaged during this time of careful selection.

The grapes are then efficiently transported to the winery before temperatures begin to noticeably rise. This ensures that they are kept at their height of freshness. This vital procedure of transporting the grapes and using crates with a maximum content level of 17 kilos, lessens the risk of damaging the grapes.




Kos has an average temperature of 25˚C with its mid-tropical climate combined with the technical expertise of Mr Hatziemmanouil produces an excellent yield of grapes every year.


Mr Hatziemmanouil uses various grape varieties and combines them producing the desired taste.

  • White : Malagouzia, Assyrtiko.
  • Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Rouge, Syrah



  • Pruning is done during the winter period when the leaves have naturally fallen.
  • When the vine is clipped the cut segment is coated with a disinfectant to avoid contamination.


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