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For over a century, the Hatziemmanouil family has been producing wine in Kos, proudly carrying on the island’s winemaking tradition, a tradition that has existed since 4,000BC. Nowadays, with their rich experience and consistent passion for producing quality wine, the family cares for their privately owned vineyards located in the vicinity of Asfendiou, creating labels that endure the passing of time.

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At close proximity to the sea and at an altitude of 105 meters, the family’s privately owned vineyards can be found. Covering up to 80 acres they are located in two areas of Asfendiou, in the northeastern side of Kos. Protected by Mount Dikaios, blessed by the Aegean breeze and favoured by the semi-tropical climate, they produce grapes of exceptional quality.

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The Hatziemmanouil family’s new winery was completed in 2004. It is located at the entrance of the vineyard and is divided into three different levels, totalling 400 square meters. It is a modern and fully functioning unit, with facilities that respect the environment, evolving every year to improve the quality of wine production. The vineyard’s courtyard is laid out with chairs, tables and wooden kiosks so that visitors can enjoy their wine while taking in the view of the vineyards and the sea.

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Our winery was built in order to promote wine tourism in Kos and to offer a unique experience to the islands’ tourists. From 2004, it receives individual, group and organized tours, that include wine tasting in the tasting area, guided tours of the facilities and the vineyards and those interested can purchase our wines from the inhouse store. Additionally, by appointment, anyone who wishes can participate in our harvest, so they can have a first hand experience of the careful selection of the Hatziemmanouil family grapes.


May - October: Monday - Sunday, 09:00 - 16:00
June - September: Monday - Sunday, 09:00 - 21:00
November - April: By appointment
Reservation: +30 22420 68888
Address: Kos - Kefalos main road, Asfendiou

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The Hatziemmanouil family is at the winery and their vineyards all year round. For inquiries about our wines, collaborations or to organize a visit please call us at the telephone below or contact us by e-mail of fax:

+30 22420 68888
[email protected]
Kos - Kefalos main road, Asfendiou

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