Aiming to make the most out of the special characteristics of the region to produce quality and tastefully balanced wines, the Hatziemmanouil family cultivates important Greek and international grape varieties. Apart from the established varieties, experimental plantings are often carried out on selected vineyards to create new labels.


An aromatic white variety, originating from Etoloakarnania and specifically from the mountainous Nafpaktia. Malagouzia is delicate, provides a medium body, usually matures in August and produces a variety of wines, ranging from dry to sweet.


This is the most famous variety of the Greek vineyards, it is white and originally from Santorini. Assyrtiko is drought resistant and extremely resilient to vine diseases, usually producing wines with high acidity and significant characteristics.


Kydonitsa is a white variety, from Laconia, which is famous for its special scent, reminiscent of sweet quince. The wines that are produced from this variety, most commonly of single-variety, have good acidity levels and a rounded taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most famous red varieties in the world and produces bold dense wines, almost black in colour. The variety originates from the region of Bordeaux in France and in Greece, it was first cultivated in Metsovo.

Grenache Rouge

An international red variety, originating from Spain, that produces wine with a vibrant red colour and a rich structure. Grenache Rouge is fully acclimatized to Kos and the Hatziemmanouil family uses the specific variety to produce rose wine.


An excellent, red, French variety, widely spread around the world, Syrah usually produces wines with a deep purple color and a full body. The smell that primarily characterizes Syrah is that of pepper spice!